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If you have an existing franchise or independently owned small business and feel like you are not getting the most out of your business, FFC can help you define and determine ways to enhance your revenue stream and better manage costs. We have experience launching new concepts and purchasing existing locations with dramatic improvement in top line revenue and bottom line profit.


Enhancing Current Business Results

Are you working hard and not seeing results that are commiserate with your effort? Franchise Food Consultants can take a comprehensive look at your operations, bookkeeping, staffing, etc., and help you identify the opportunities that can increase sales and profit.


LLC? Corporation? What is best for your short-term and long-term plans. FFC can help you make the determination that is going to give you the protection you need and the tax planning you will want.


We have chosen numerous locations for our franchise business, and it is a combination of data and feel. FFC can assist in balancing cost and exposure to make sure you pick the right location.


Architectural Drawings, Interior Design, Building Permits, Health Permits, CO - it can be daunting. At FCC we have done this process dozens of times - experience that can save you time and energy.


The COVID-19 pandemic has proven more than ever the need for modern technologies in your restaurant. Let our team of specialists help you pick the most innovative and integrated solutions for your restaurant.

Ron Taylor, Owner – Franchise Food Consultants 

What Is FFC

It is a commonly held belief that franchise businesses are more sustainable and easier to get off the ground then a family-owned style of business.  Both have their pros and cons and ups and downs, and Franchise Food Consultants is here to help you understand the entire process – from making a decision to start a franchise, go it alone, or turn your existing concept into a franchise system.  We can help you navigate all those processes no matter how cumbersome they may appear.

Franchise Food Consultants have a great deal of experience in all different types of food service operations, and we want to help prospective franchisees and potential franchisors find the right fit to increase the likelihood of success.  There are many franchise choices, and our goal is to help you find the balance between passion and practical.  Given that we have done this successfully 9 times, we know we can increase the potential for success with your franchise choice or the development of your brand into a franchise.  Franchise Food Consultants are here to help make your job easier and more profitable.

Why We Started FFC

Sometimes we start a Franchise business, but then the results don’t meet our expectations. Just like any small business, there is no guarantee that a Franchise will take off and continue to grow.  Franchise Food Consultants has a track history of sustained success (15 years as Edible Arrangements store owner/operators) with continued growth (our first Edible store is currently the busiest location in the system) and a high level of employee and guest satisfaction.  If you are already a Franchise business owner, but your current results don’t align with your potential, give FFC a chance to evaluate your operations and help you identify the existing opportunities.


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