Initial Consultation 

If you are interested in starting a franchise food service concept and don't know where to start, Franchise Food Consultants can be the last ingredient to make you recipe a reality.  

Picking the Right Franchise

You need to know what franchise food concept best fits your style. We can help you navigate the choices and focus in on what is best for you and your team.

Forming a Business

LLC? Corporation? What is best for our short-term and long-term plans. FFC can help you make the determination that is going to give you the protection you need and the tax planning you will want.

Choosing a location 

We have chosen numerous locations for our franchise business, and it is a combination of data and feel. FFC can assist in balancing cost and exposure to make sure you pick the right location.


Building Permits, Health Permits, CO - it can be daunting. At FCC we have done this process dozens of time - experience that can save you time and energy.

Franchise concepts are only as strong as the people they employ. We have experience hiring small and large staffs across different food service concepts. FCC can help navigate this critical process.
Getting Open
The final push to open the doors can be an exhausting process. FCC has the focus to assist you in getting over that final hump.
Grand Opening
You only get one chance to make a first impression. At FCC, we don't really believe in "soft" openings. Running a Franchise restaurant is tough, so the opening will be challenging, but we can help.
Ongoing Support 
Need FCC to keep coming back to ensure you stay focused on the right things? That is no problem. Our goal is to have you Start, Strive, Stretch, Sustain, and Succeed. Your success is our success.